Updates/ Website Build/ WordPress


The Client

Inition is a pioneering production company and emerging technology provider with a finely tuned blend of technical and creative capabilities.

The Brief

While Inition has built up a strong reputation owing to their vast network of cutting-edge technologies, the creative aspect of the company was being overshadowed. Inition’s existing website no longer reflected the expertise, creativity, passion and quality of the brand.


The Solution

More than a mere technology provider, Inition wanted to be seen as an ideas company. To address this, we decided that the website would be video and image content led. This would communicate the company’s extensive hands-on experience in the realm of technology, for this reason, the homepage centres on a video of their most innovative case study. This addition has instantly made the new website much more interactive and engaging. We have also introduced parallax scrolling and large imagery for this reason. The site now features thought-leadership articles as well as outlining case studies, driving home the message that Inition is an ideas company as well as a technology provider.


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